Clinical semi-private classes are designed for those wanting an individualised program within a small group setting. Great for more in depth work focusing on a particular issue such as back pain, rehabilitation post surgery, pregnancy, postural issues, osteoporosis, athletic etc. The classes are run by senior instructors with a background in physiotherapy or allied health. Max 3 clients per class.

A variety of equipment is used including the reformer, barrels, Wunda chair, tower as well as the various mat props. You will need an initial consultation before commencing this class unless you have previous experience from another studio.

A wide range of classes to
suit Every Body!

At Lifeworks, we want to ensure your goals are met. We offer a variety of group and private classes to suit all requirements and to get you started. Whether you are looking for strength, tone or flexibility or if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, at Lifeworks, we have an option thats right for you


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