This is a one hour private lesson with your own instructor.

Private lesson with Pilates Instructor 
This lesson will cover the fundamentals of Pilates including breathing, deep abdominal activation/pelvic floor, neutral spine, different positions we work in etc. You will go through different positions we work in and experience the fundamental exercises on the reformer/mat. You can also discuss individual goals with your instructor. Not suitable for people requiring rehabilitation.

Private lesson with Senior Instructor
If you require more in depth consultation including discussions on back pain or chronic conditions, senior instructors have a background in health or have comprehensive Pilates training often at Diploma level. You can discuss your limitations and goals and between you and the instructor, decide on the best plan to move forward. You can ask for home exercises and stretches too.

Duet Lessons

Duet (2 people) classes are available. This is a great class to do with your partner or a friend. You will be assessed by your instructor, given information on the fundamentals of pilates and then start with the basics and build from there. You will use both mat and equipment exercises. You can be given home exercises and stretches to do in between sessions if you like. The instructors will discuss your goals and will work with you to achieve them.

A wide range of classes to
suit Every Body!

At Lifeworks, we want to ensure your goals are met. We offer a variety of group and private classes to suit all requirements and to get you started. Whether you are looking for strength, tone or flexibility or if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, at Lifeworks, we have an option thats right for you


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