How often should I do Pilates?

At Lifeworks, we understand that work, family and social life plus finances have to be considered when undertaking a new exercise regime. Attending pilates twice or three times/week is ideal. The more often you can attend, the greater changes you will make to your core strength, posture and overall well-being. If you attend once/week, a few home exercises should be done in between.

During a private lesson, we can talk to you about the type of work you do and how that might be affecting your posture. We can also give you some take home exercises and stretches. Please ask your instructor!

Will I lose weight doing Pilates?

Pilates strengthens and tones the body which helps your shape and posture. When you are more toned, your body looks leaner making you appear taller and slimmer. Pure Pilates would not be considered a weight loss exercise. But it does give you the strength and alignment to enable you to do aerobic exercise more safely and efficiently. Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, running, swimming, bike riding and tennis are considered the fat burning type exercises. Watching your caloric intake is also an important part of weight loss.

What do I need to bring/wear?

The studio supplies all mats, towels, and small apparatus. A bathroom with toilet and shower are available for your convenience. Filtered water is available year round. The class are done in bare feet (mat) or socks with grip (equipment).

Please wear comfortable clothing such as t-shirt and shorts, leggings etc.

When should I start pilates?

The good news is you can start pilates at any age. Pilates is for every body.  Beginners to advanced level are catered for. If you have acute pain or recently suffered an injury, you should consult your health practitioner before starting pilates. Pilates may have been recommended by your Gp, physio or osteopath to strengthen your core and increase flexibility. Beginner classes or a private lesson are ideal if you have had an injury or have never done pilates before.

What if I’ve never been to a pilates class before?

Many people have no idea what pilates is and could be hesitant to attend their first class.  Some have done very little exercise before, others are regular exercisers.  All our instructors at Lifeworks have been trained to assist and cue you through each exercise. Most importantly. take your time, be patient and persistant and you will gain the results.

It takes at least 5-10 weeks of pilates to train your mind and body in the different positions and to learn how to switch on the smaller, deeper muscles that pilates focuses on. It won’t take long to start moving with more ease, stand taller and feel great!

We encourage all newcomers to do a private lesson. If you are hesitant to start pilates, have chronic back pain, need rehabilitation type exercises or plan on doing reformer classes, you must have a private lesson first.

Can I claim pilates on my health fund?

Most health funds recognise the benefits of pilates. Some are also acknowledging non-physiotherapist pilates instructors. BUPA, AHM, CBHS, GMH and Teacher’s Health Fund are examples of health funds that give rebates for group pilates classes. Please check with your individual health fund and the level of cover to find out whether you are eligible for refunds. You may also need your GP or physiotherapist to complete a form saying that pilates will assist you with a specific problem.

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