We have options to suit everyone!

We have an app on iTunes & Google Play Store for quick and easy bookings otherwise you can book your session/s using the links below.


A great way to attend more regularly and the best value for money. Can be used in Reformer, Mat and Yoga. Minimum 2 month contract.

Unlimited Class Pass ($264/month) $13/class Buy now

12 Classes each month ($222/month) $18.50/class Buy now

8 Classes each month ($176/month) $22/class Buy now

Reformer/semi-private Classes

Passes last 4 months unless specified. (Reformer pass can be used in Mat classes as well).

Intro 5 Class Pass (2 week limit) New clients only $66 Buy now

Casual session $35 Buy now

5 Class Pass $150 Buy now

10 Class Pass $280 Buy now

20 Class Pass $520 Buy now

Casual semi-private $50 Buy now

5 Semi-privates $225 Buy now

10 Semi-privates $400 Buy now

Mat/Yoga Classes

Open to all levels, no experience needed.

Intro 5 Class Pass (2 week limit/can be used for reformer too) $66 Buy now

Casual session $27 Buy now

5 Class Pass $120 Buy now

10 Class Pass $220 Buy now

Private Lessons

For those new to Pilates without pre-existing conditions:

Single session $90 Buy now

Senior Instructor: A more in depth private lesson, covering pre-existing conditions, chronic illness etc. Take home exercises can be given if requested. 

Initial Consultation $110 Buy now

Follow up Private lesson $100 Buy now

10 sessions $900 Buy now

Duet Casual $60 (each)  Buy now

10 x Duets $550 Buy now

Introductory Pack (save 15%)

2 Private lessons with senior instructor plus 10 group classes $425 Buy now

A wide range of classes to
suit Every Body!

At Lifeworks, we want to ensure your goals are met. We offer a variety of group and private classes to suit all requirements and to get you started. Whether you are looking for strength, tone or flexibility or if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, at Lifeworks, we have an option thats right for you


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