Online Mat classes are a great way to maintain and improve strength, flexibility and posture whilst at home. 

Taught by our highly experienced instructors, our new ONLINE Mat classes offer three different levels from beginner to advanced. Offering classes 4 times per week including all levels Mat, and barre/Mat. Props such as foam roller, chi ball and bands will be used during many of the classes to add variety and challenge.  These are available for purchase through the fees page and can be sent to your home for a small fee.

You can purchase casual mat VIRTUAL classes or join our membership program giving you access to our library of pre-recorded videos as well as copied of every VIRTUAL class.  No lock in contracts and the whole family in the same house can access the library.

Go to our FEES page to purchase your online classes and Props NOW!

The focus of mat classes is on correct alignment, learning to switch on the deep core muscles to stabilise the spine, as well as improving mobility, balance and general flexibility. The traditional mat exercises are carefully taught by well trained instructors with many years experience. Mat exercises can often be more challenging than reformer! Practice safe but effective movements to keep you active and strong.

Your GP, Physiotherapist or Osteopath may recommended you start doing some regular pilates exercises to build up your strength, flexibility and core. We are happy to communicate with your practitioner if necessary.




A wide range of classes to
suit Every Body!

At Lifeworks, we want to ensure your goals are met. We offer a variety of group and private classes to suit all requirements and to get you started. Whether you are looking for strength, tone or flexibility or if you are recovering from an injury or surgery, at Lifeworks, we have an option thats right for you


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