Lifeworks Pilates has been life changing for me over the last 5 years.  I got very out of shape after having my first baby and I realised I needed to look after myself if I wanted to add to my family. Alison and her team helped me immensely through this process, first by creating a fun, welcoming and supportive atmosphere to do Pilates and secondly by providing sessions that suited all ages and abilities. When I did fall pregnant the instructors happily modified sessions for me so that I could continue Pilates until the week before I gave birth.  They then were terrific in helping me regain my strength and fitness after my baby was born. I love my sessions at Lifeworks and am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance from Alison and her team over the last few years.
Liz Ellis

Liz Ellis, AO, retired Captain Aust Netball team, 2 Comm Games Gold Medals

I love coming to my Pilates class each week.  For me I always feel like I get more out of a Pilates class than a gym session.  The peaceful and relaxed studio setting, and your wonderful team of dedicated, hardworking instructors always make for healthy and holistic experience.


Leanne, Ballina

I think Lifeworks Pilates is a wonderful community resource/service and I sing your praises at every opportunity. I think your Men’s classes are quite a niche market and I am not the only one who has gained valuable skills. I believe that men are somewhat timid creatures and they need to be encouraged to undertake such sensible activities as Pilates. 

David Cox, Lennox Head

I was highly recommended Alison from a Physiotherapist. I started Alison’s classes 3 years ago after my unsuccessful back surgery. Prior to attending Lifeworks Pilates, I had attended other Pilates classes, attended gyms supervised by Exercise Physiologists and swimming and aqua classes but none of them gave me the results that Alison’s Pilates classes have. The great thing about her fun and friendly classes are that they cater to everyone’s needs and can be as challenging as you want them to be. Alison understands pain and injuries and the affect they have on your life. I juggle managing my back pain with running a business and running after a young child and I would not be doing any of this if it wasn’t for Alison. Alison’s classes have been the only thing to help with my injury by regaining my strength and flexibility and reduce pain. Not even prescription drugs and surgery was able to do that for me. Alison, you are my saviour!

Danielle, Ballina

I was sent to Lifeworks Pilates by my physiotherapist eight years ago.  I was in all sorts of pain in my body. Apparently after three pregnancies and not enough abdominal workouts, my lack of core strength was the BIG problem. The change on starting Pilates with Alison was dramatic and almost overnight. All pain left my body, I got straighter, leaner and stronger, I slept better and I have never looked back. I will keep doing Pilates forever.  I feel great during and after every class and it’s saved me thousands in Physio and Chiro fees! Thankyou Lifeworks!

Bernie Kelly

Bernie Kelly, Ballina

When I joined Alison’s classes 4 years ago – I had just come out of the perfect storm: I had swapped an active job where I dived most days to a desktop job, and in addition I had just put on 20 kg after the birth of my kids. So when I joined, I suffered from constant debilitating back pain. I am now almost completely pain free and I do feel stronger than even before I had my kids.  What makes Alison such an amazing Pilates instructor is not only her professionalism, but she is intuitive and attentive to every ones personal health issues.  She motivated me when I felt like dropping out and the small group of unpretentious women and her very personal studio simply make me feel good…. and so much stronger! Thank you Alison, you really had a major impact on my life.

Kirsten Michalek-Wagner, Lennox Head

Pilates is one of my most treasured things I do all week. I love that my body feels strong , subtle and pain free. Before starting pilates 6 years ago , I had shoulder , lower back and wrist pain , all have now disappeared. I love the small intimate classes and the friendships I have formed with my fellow classmates. Alison is a brilliant teacher , talking us through each exercise as if it were the first time we had performed it. This reminds us about the correct technique and therefor we get the most out of the classes.

Kim Toft, Lennox Head

As a mother of two young children, business owner and freelance writer I completely neglected my own fitness needs until I joined Lifeworks Pilates. Five months into the year I am now stronger, more focused and willing to give anything up except pilates! Alison is an attentive, creative instructor and her studio is the perfect place to reconnect with yourself. If you are seeking balance in your life, I highly recommend coming to Lifeworks and experiencing what these lessons have to offer.

Vrenie, Suffolk Park, Byron Bay

Alison / Lifeworks Pilates – how can I say thankyou enough. After 3 years of a debilitating back injury, I feel like I am now getting my life back – pain free. Alison and her team, with their professionalism and individual care, have gently helped me stand tall and strong, regain some self confidence in my ability and fitness future when I thought I had not much hope. As a grandma, I look forward to becoming fitter and stronger because, thanks to you, 60 is now the new 50!!

Jenni Nicolson, Ballina

I really enjoy coming to Lifework’s classes due to the variety of exercises and relaxed atmosphere. I believe that the variety of the class has improved my flexibility and core strength and I really notice when I miss a class. Thanks to Alison I can now continue with work and my outdoor lifestyle without back pain.

Karl, Lennox Head

Pilates has changed my life… I stand taller and straighter, have virtually eliminated my thoracic back pain, and am stronger and more flexible than I was in my twenties! I particularly love Lifeworks Pilates, (where I first began pilates almost 7 years ago) because of the wonderful instructors, the peaceful garden setting, and the fantastic sense of camaraderie in the classes – we are all there to achieve a common goal, and we have a lot of fun doing that! Thank you, Alison, for starting me down this path all those years ago, and for your patient and expert instruction along the way.

Liesel Whyte, Lennox Head

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